Why we do what we do.

Because of you.

There is truly nothing like hearing from our couples when they receive their wedding movies and photographs. All business aside, it’s an incredibly fulfilling experience to use our talents and give people something that is personal, artistic, and uniquely theirs in every sense.

Recently, we received a review from two wonderful people who’s wedding we filmed back in October of 2011. What they wrote means a lot to us, so we wanted to share it with you all.

We hope it also helps people realize the importance of having your wedding filmed by professional artists. You are special, and you deserve something special.

Kevin and I had always known that we wanted our wedding to be filmed and I had a very particular vision of how I wanted it to look. When I saw examples of Micah and Kelly’s cinematography it matched my high expectations of what I thought a wedding film should be. Kevin and I had gone through so much the month before our October 2011 wedding. At the end of August and through the beginning of September we were displaced by Hurricane Irene. Wedding planning took a backseat as we, and many people in Vermont, put our lives back together after the storm. We connected with Kelly and Micah and I was thrilled to be planning the wedding again and even more thrilled when they made a generous offer to help, making it easier for us to get the package we truly wanted.

During the planning Kelly and Micah were wonderful to work with. From our initial meeting to the big day they were professional, relaxed, and organized. They asked questions about the day that I would not have thought to talk about and during the wedding they took to heart what we had told them was important. I had told Micah that seeing the children guests having fun meant a lot to me. I will never forget the moment during the wedding when I looked over in the lawn of the venue and there was Micah- running, camera in hand, with the kids as they played. Seeing that happen in real life and seeing how it turned out in film was special. The rest of the time I actually barely noticed they were filming! I do not know how they captured so much without me noticing they were there. 

Having Kelly and Micah play such a huge part in our big day was one of the best wedding planning decisions we made and we could not have imagined anyone else performing their task. We will be forever grateful for their generosity and talent. The main film and highlight film turned out to surpass my expectations. They created something that has not only beautifully captured the day but transports us back to the love and emotion we felt that day. It is powerful.

You two are amazingly talented. Thank you for everything.”

                          -Emily and Kevin Andrews

To Emily and Kevin, and everyone else we have and will work with; thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. You’re why we do what we do.

-Micah and Kelly

Watch the Highlight Movie of Emily and Kevin’s wedding at the Grand Isle Lake House, in Grand Isle, VT.