The Art of Storytelling

As a photographer, my job is to take photographs. But it doesn’t end there.

Being in the wedding/portrait industry means that I not only have to capture the people and things around me in a creative way, I also have to tell their stories. In between weddings and portrait sessions, I’m always searching for ways to practice the art of storytelling through photography. Because of this, I don’t often leave home without my camera. Not every day provides me with the ideal opportunity to photograph something or someone, but sometimes I get lucky…

Recently, I spent the day at my friend Jordan’s home. If you follow our blog, you may already be familiar with her farm - Bliss Ridge. (I’ve shot some portrait sessions there - like this one & this one!) She and I spent the afternoon working in the garden and enjoying the warm spring sun. Half way through tilling a garden bed to plant her beets, I realized I needed my camera. Thanks Jordan, for allowing me to tell this simple story.

PS- How sweet is it that her husband, Dan, finished up his timber framing project just in time to sneak a couple shots in?!