Sarah & Chris // A Vermont Wedding Film at The Mountain Top Inn

“Work is Love made visible.” -Kahlil Gibran

I really dig this idea. As wedding photographers and filmmakers, this is the very essence of our work: to make Love visible. And furthermore, to give this visible representation of Love the esteem it deserves, by approaching it with care, honesty and creativity.

From meeting them for their engagement session, to joining them for a pre-wedding golfing excursion and rehearsal, through the myriad of emotions on their wedding day, to the final goodbyes at the end of the night, working with Sarah + Chris was truly a labor of love. During the wedding day, the development of their relationship was jokingly referred to by friends and family as “the saga.” We’ve only known them for a short time, but it’s really difficult to imagine Sarah + Chris as ever being anything but husband and wife.

Thank you, Sarah + Chris. We feel sincerely blessed to have gotten to know you and spend time with you and your family on such a special day.

Here’s to “the saga” just beginning :)