Emily + Kevin // A Vermont Wedding Film at Grand Isle Lake House

There’s so much to tell.

When Emily and Kevin contacted us about filming their wedding, we couldn’t have imagined what was in store for us.

Right away we anticipated an amazing experience working together. Emily and Kevin charmed us with their consideration and easy going dispositions (despite being displaced by the flood brought on by tropical storm Irene). Didn’t someone once say “Love endures all things”?

We had never been to the Lake House in Grand Isle, so we took a day and drove up to scout the location. Immediately, we were awed by the beauty of the area. Grand Isle has the best of both worlds - the densely forested mountains that give Vermont it’s name, as well as the lakeside shorelines reminiscent of coastal states. As those filming the event, we knew it would be good.

The wedding day was incredible. The love, the light, the waves. Golden spray painted pumpkins and gourds. A medieval-style “Eistlisian” ceremony (don’t try googling it; you won’t find it anywhere). Children (and let’s be honest, adults too) running around playing in the yard. A soaring rockabilly trio. The warmest of friends and family. And above all, the look of gladness on Emily and Kevin’s faces.

There’s so much to tell.

But perhaps it’s best to let the movie do the talking.

Additionally, it was an honor shooting with Stina Booth and Alanna Scully - fellow photographers whose work we greatly admire.