Felisha & William // A Massachusetts Wedding

We had an instant connection with Felisha + William. Their sincere dedication to their faith really moved us, and their enthusiasm regarding our artistic approach to capturing weddings was a sure sign that we'd be a perfect fit. They showed such trust in us, and basically gave us the green light to really run with our creativity for their photography and film. In one of our early conversations, they mentioned they're big fans of Wes Anderson films (The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic, Moonrise Kingdom). We're lovers of Wes Anderson films too, so immediately we thought how fun it would be to draw from his cinematography to inspire their wedding film. What resulted was not only some of our proudest work, but an experience so insanely fun (we'll never forget the impromptu game of tag in an apple orchard)...we honestly didn't want the day to end.

Thank you Bill + Fish, for having us. It was truly an honor and a privilege to work together to create something special with you. Our most heartfelt blessings are with you as you set off for a new season of life together in Australia.

PS. Double thanks to our friend Benjamin Burrows for coming along and assisting us in the photo dept. He's a very skilled shooter, and a jolly good fellow.


Felisha + William's Wedding Highlight Film at The International in Bolton, Massachusetts