Celia Grace Look Book

Earlier this winter, we teamed up with some wonderful and talented artists to create a sample 'look book' for Celia Grace, a wedding dress & accessory maker who's new to the industry. 

When we were approached by Marcie, founder and CEO of Celia Grace, we were floored by her mission: All of her dresses and accessories are 100% Fair Trade. The fabric used to create the dresses and accessories is hand woven on traditional wooden looms in rural villages. Dresses are hand made by women’s cooperatives, Fair Trade producers, and refugees from around the world. This means that Celia Grace is putting money directly into the hands of rural women (who live far from electricity, good schools, or hospitals) so that they can keep themselves and their families healthy and strong, send their girls to school, and increase their self confidence and respect in the community.  Want another reason to love Celia Grace? They donate a clean water filtration system to a family in need with the purchase of every dress. For more information on their sustainable and socially responsible practices, definitely head over to their website.

We hope that if you or someone you know is looking for a wedding dress, you'll head over to Celia Grace. I promise, you won't be disappointed! 

Huge thanks to everyone involved!
Dresses: Celia Grace
Jewelry: Edera Jewelry
Makeup: Makeup Artist Jennifer Perellie
Flowers: The Painted Tulip
Location: The Round Barn